Our Service


Old-fashioned medicine straight to your home, work or at a clinic. 

We offer hybrid primary healthcare services for a fee. What this means is we give you care that is accessible every time you need. As healthcare providers we believe that a 10 minute consult is just not enough, nor is it realistic to think we can provide complex care in such little time. So we are doing things differently and you get to decide how much time you need.  Because, the more time we spend with you, the longer you stay healthy and can focus on what you want, which we believe is to live happier and better.

Our services go beyond the primary care-related medical issues. We go as far as to  arrange necessary clinical and administrative tasks that you would be left struggling with. That way the care you actually receive will lead to better results. The best way to ensure we both use our time effectively is to build a relationship. As a member of our services, we are in essence a part of your “extended family”. Our hands-on approach allows us to monitor your health and send relevant notifications when it is needed.

A clear understanding of who you are and what you do enables us to tap into our network of providers. With just a phone call, you too can benefit from and access this premium service. It is time to avoid delays and consult with an expert regarding your medical concerns on time.

Every year we call you for one out-of-the-box, tailored package. It is a personalized check that takes anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. During that time we discuss areas that have to do with your mind, body and soul. From your eating habits, to your relationships at work and home. We take time to focus on your health goals and by make it personal to you. No matter where you are, you can reach out to us for any issues.

Everything is possible with hybrid care and we love taking care of you and your loved ones.

Some of our out-of-the-box care packages

Hair & Hormones

Hair loss is a major problem in both men and women which impacts quality of life. Screening tests including dermatoscopy examination helps us to identify and treat conditions.

Eat, Move & Sleep

Right amount of exercise and nutrition improves sleep in both children and adults. We offer personalized programs to break the cycle of tiredness and other build your immune system.

Tabacco & Alcohol use

To modify or change habits like smoking and alcohol consumption takes months to years. We support the use of alternative options to help you control such habits.

Children in Sport

Children and teenagers who participate in sport require coordinated care to ensure their can reach their sport goals. We offer care and timely interventions to prevent injuries.

Metabolic change & Effect

Your metabolism is linked to your immune system. Together we look at strategies to improve your metabolism so you build enough reserve for common illnesses.

Post-surgery recovery

A hospital admission can have important physical and mental health implications. We come to visit you at the hospital and make sure your discharge notes are received for proper care at home.

Comprehensive cancer approach

Living with cancer affects you and those who you know and love. We offer solutions and options to ensure that you are always on top of the latest treatment options in the event of such diagnosis.

Teenager health

Teenagers undergo many changes in their body and mind. We provide a unique program during this delicate phase of their lives to ensure they develop into healthy and well-balanced adults.

Healthy travel

International travel increases every year. We provide travel-risk assessment, vaccinations and education to reduce the risk of travel-related diseases or accidents. 

Gut health & Allergy

Your gut health plays a role in almost all aspect of your life. We explore why you avoid what your gut tells you and how to avoid things you’ re allergic to.

Pores & Rashes

Your skin and nails tell so much of what is going on with your internal organs. We provide a clinical and aesthetic treatment for confident, healthy skin.

Adjust well

You may underestimate how much small changes can have large impact in your mental health. Together we find tools to help you adjust and cope well. 

Pricing list of our concierge medical service