Frequently Asked Questions


We are not in any insurance company network. This means that we do not take insurance or bill your insurance provider for our services. We charge a subscription fee directly to you. 

Some services we offer can be reimbursed by your insurance provider such as vaccinations, primary care medical consultations, laboratory tests and imaging if these are covered in your policy.

You are always advised to check with your insurance company and we can assist as well.

Absolutely. An insurance company is very important for your health and access to urgent, catastrophic medical care and chronic illness. We strongly advice you take out medical insurance next to being a member of our private medical practice.

You can always send an email or call us to receive more information about our services before you opt-in to our subscription. We always provide a complimentary intake of 20 minutes as an opportunity to get to know you and see what plan is a good fit for you. After the intake, you will be able to set up your membership and get all the perks of direct 24/7 access to a doctor who wants nothing more than the best for you every single day.

You can pay your membership via your bank using a credit or debit card. If you choose to pay the entire annual fee we will provide you with a payment link and 5% discount. We do not accept cash.

You should pay for your services prior to consultation. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any appointment when payment has not been processed.

The basis services covered include all primary care related health issues. From a rash to tummy aches. We take care of over 300 medical issues. Then you also have access to a doctor 24/7 for small, medium or large issues. Plus the added knowledge that you can tap into a wide network of specialist just a phone call away.

Prices of medications including vaccinations and imaging exams (scans, x-rays, ultrasounds etc) are not included in this membership fee. We will work together with you and your insurance provider to assist in getting these reimbursed. 

Some laboratory tests and procedures may not be covered but we will always let you know while we create your care plan. 

When we tap into our network of expert health professionals they will consult with you and offer a treatment. So medical services from other providers such as specialist, therapist or visits to the hospital, hospitalizations, surgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy are not covered in the membership plans. 

We intend to assign you a dedicated doctor for continuity of care. Our doctors work closely with each other in order to make sure we give you the attention and service you need. 

The intake takes anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours. We dedicate our time with you so we have all the information necessary to know your health, your goals and tend to your medical and mental health needs. 

An intake is also necessary to schedule appointments, check-up or tests. 

The information gathered from the intake is stored in a safe electronic dossier. You will receive a copy of this report.

An intake costs €300. If you opt for one of our subscription packages this will be deducted from your monthly costs.


Expat Health Clinic is a model of healthcare that puts expats and their families first by getting rid of the red tape that halts traditional medical practice. 

We want to take care of you and spend our time doing so instead of spending our time taking care of administrative work.

We are accessible 24/7 via text, email and phone call. 

We do all our medical services on appointment and at your home. Bringing back the old-fashioned way of primary care to you. 

You can access the doctor via text, telephone or email as many times as medically necessary. In addition the you have the doctor’ s private phone number in case of urgent issues and to set up a video consultation. 

You are our client for the services we offer and those that you opt-in for.

We also provide ad-hoc consultations or house calls for a non-member fee.

We are accepting new clients and we reserve the right to select membership on a case-by-case basis. Please note we are here to get results and want you to get the best of the knowledge and expertise we have to offer.

After our intake we reserve the right to assess if you are a good fit for our membership program.

If we feel you are not, you can always request the ad-hoc services we provide.

We do not provide routine gynaecological examinations, however if there is an indication for a gynaecological exam or further testing we will provide the necessary referrals and assistance.

Yes, we see children aged 0 to 25 years if they are members of your family.

You can book an appointment for ad-hoc services on our website via this link

If you have enrolled in one of our packages, you can book an appointment via text, phone or when we agree on our routine check-up.

Yes, we offer a wide range of vaccinations for prevention, treatment and travel. 

You will need to let us ahead of time if you require vaccinations as these need to be ordered in advance and stored safely. 


Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time provided you give us 30 day notice so that we can arrange your medical report. If you decide to leave us you will not receive a fee. If you have prepaid your membership for a year, you will be reimbursed the unused months. 

You can always opt-in for our select pay-as-you-go services.

House calls are arranged on demand and are included in the Executive care package. 

We reserve the right to decide when it is convenient and within safe, realistic driving distance. 

We will always assess if a home visit is needed after a telephone or video call with you. 

In case of an emergency, we reserve the right to contact emergency services such as an ambulance to attend to your house faster. The costs of these are not included in the membership fee.

Yes and No, it depends if we have a doctor available who can come and see you.

We work together with a vast network of health professionals and will always do our best to provide a house call same or next-day service.

If it is not possible we will arrange same week house call or refer you to a nearby doctor/clinic for medical services that require a physical consultation. 

We do our best to notify you in advance of any absences or unforeseen circumstances.

Our healthcare providers are on standby to take calls or video consultations when needed. 

We will always make sure to coordinate your care together with our practice manager and other team members. 

We do not provide urgent or emergency care services. We do provide same or next-day appointment and if a referral is needed to emergency services we will offer this.

Yes we offer sick notes for work. This is available within 24 hours of your request and is part of any of our subscription. If you need our ad-hoc services this will be the cost of a usual doctor consult. 

If you already have your own GP and would wish to stay with them that is not a problem. With your consent we want to share information with your GP so that they are aware of important decisions, treatment plans regarding your health.