Four reasons why expats must treat pain now

EHC man back pain

Case study: A 38 year old expat client attended the clinic with lower back pain. It occured when he was bending down to get his kid´s school bag. As he was turning and looking up he felt a sudden sharp pain on his lower back. It stopped him and for a second he could not […]

Key recommendations on expat teen health

As expat parents, the main priority will be to ensure your children are safe, happy and adjusting to their new environment. In some cases, you will receive information and guidance on schools, sport clubs and healthcare facilities for you and your family. At Expat Health Clinic we dedicate a significant portion of our prevention packages […]

10 ways to know your health as an expat

Health is not just about the absence of illness or disease, it also is about how active you are and able to stand through tough times in your life. Health is also about having enough energy for your mind and body to function so that you can live the life you want, whether that is […]

What does a tired expat really mean to say

What are the main things that we do for you when you suffer from tiredness. At Expat Health Clinic we look at the total picture because finding out about your tiredness cannot be done in 15 minutes. It takes time and effort which ultimately will pay off.